Separation Anxiety

One of Betsy’s greatest fears is that she’ll be left alone without her family. This is why she demands to travel with them, no matter the length of the trip.

Poor Betsy. She hates feeling alone. Especially when her owners go out travelling. Even though she’s introverted by nature, Betsy can’t help but feel that she’s abandoned by her owners. It’s why she needs to be part of their travels. Now if she could sign up for a passport…

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Separation anxiety is a real feeling. Especially when you’re taking your son to preschool for the first time.

It’s now day 2 of the school year and so far, my son seems to be enjoying his class. To be honest, I was expecting a major meltdown. Especially when my son never went to day care in his earlier years. I’m feeling thankful for his teacher in reassuring the parents that they’re in safe hands. I think what helped is that I’ve spoken in a positive tone about what to expect with preschool and that he’ll have more toys to play with during his school hours. Plus, we sometimes watch preschool content together to give him a sense on what to expect when school starts.

I know that if my son had his way, he would follow me everywhere I go outside 😅 but…he needs to start doing his own thing. Which means making adventures and be part of the educational journey. Being a mother means knowing when to step in and when your little one needs to spread their wings.

I admit, hearing the quiet nature of the house for the first time felt odd. I’ve grown accustomed in hearing my son talking and playing with his toys. Perhaps part of that separation anxiety is honouring the transition and provide reassurance to my son (and to myself) that this is a normal feeling and it’ll pass soon. Hearing from his teacher that he did well on his second day gave me hope.

To all of the parents out there – how do you cope with separation anxiety? I would love to read your responses in the comment section.