Gaming Videos Now Available On My New Facebook Page


Hello friends!

I decided to open up my gaming page on Facebook and Instagram only for those who want to watch my videos with my narration & commentary. I’m also planning to do some live streaming sessions on my Nintendo Switch & PC.

Originally, I decided to have the videos on YouTube but ended up removing them due to the changes with COPPA and FTC. Then, I had them posted on IGTV and that didn’t work out well. Twitch isn’t an option as it looks like someone took my username 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway, I do appreciate your support! I mostly post videos on visual novels, casual and simulation games. If that’s your type of content, feel free to follow my page and enable notification for when new videos are posted!



EDIT (as of 12/2/19): Note that it was originally under Red Lotus Designz Gaming. I’ve since updated it to Lotus Cow Gaming for a simpler URL recognition.



Somebody to love

Husband is currently on a business trip so this is my way of teasing him 🤣 in reality, he’s been doing wonderful by FaceTiming me and making sure that he stays safe.

The visual novel addiction is real, y’all. In all of my years playing video games, I’ve developed a fondness for visual novel games. Though I’m still an RPG gamer at heart (still trying to finish up Octopath on the Nintendo Switch), it’s been a therapeutic experience reading and interacting the storylines. My coworker and friend EB introduced me to Nightshade and goodness, it was so beautiful.

I’ve revamped my goals for this year in terms of publishing my comics. So rather than doing one – four panels, I’m hoping to aim between four to six panels. It’ll be updated every Wednesday (just for me to give some time on working with the artwork).

How has your new year treating you so far? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.