Betsy’s New Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Reading for November 26, 2019


Hello, friends! We’re back with another Udderly Zen Tarot Reading for you, this time on the New Moon In Sagittarius. This moon cycle will appear on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. You can also watch the video on my IGTV channel.

Cards that were pulled for the New Moon in Sagittarius

  • 9 of Cups
  • 2 of Cups
  • 6 of Pentacles

We are using the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck for this reading.


In a nutshell:

Find the time to get out of your comfort zone. Let go of the fear that people you meet may screw you over, especially if you’re looking for personal and career relationships. Give others the benefit of doubt, but trust your intuition if the vibes are off. Know when to give and take your energy when helping out others. Try your best to avoid burnout or be a walking mat to others.

Physical Level – 9 of Cups

The introverted nature in you may want to stay in and be cozy. And that’s perfectly fine! Especially when we’re busy gathering our time for the holidays and reminiscing on the memories (be it good or bad). However, being too comfortable to the point of stagnation can cost you, long term. If you’ve been feeling antsy and not sure where to begin, make a plan of action. New Moon in Sagittarius is all about taking risks and finding the courage to try something new. You won’t be able to achieve anything if you’re sitting pretty. That bench you’re sitting on will hurt you if there’s no movement.

Mental Level – 2 of Cups

Speaking of comfort zones, you may be feeling the need to make some connections with others (be it on a personal and career level). Some things that you may be working towards on might require an extra set of eyes who can share their thoughts. It would be a good time to seek out a mentor who can share their experiences (be it good or bad) when dealing with something troublesome. And if you’re feeling afraid to network? Start off small. Try out some local meetups who have common interests. Not into physical gatherings? You can also check out online groups where you can meet others.

Advice from the Universe – 6 of Pentacles

There will be plenty of giving and taking during this cycle. The key thing to understand for the New Moon in Sagittarius cycle is that your energy is precious. Be on the lookout on who you give your time and energy. Ideal especially for the week of Thanksgiving where we might be thrown into the midst of family drama and madness. If the vibes are off, don’t consider pursuing it any further. Be caring, thoughtful but know that you’ll need to make your best judgement on who you want to share your thoughts. Burnout is pretty common, so do know where to pick and choose your battles. You’re not here to be walked over upon, especially during this season. Know where to find the sweet spot between giving and taking when it comes to your energy.

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Witchy Cow

Happy first day of Autumn / Mabon! My witchy heart feels more alive during this time of year. Seeing the leaves on the ground with the crisp and cool air makes me feel nostalgic.  Betsy is looking forward to posting more tarot card readings on Instagram and Twitter now that we have more time in the day to focus on channeling our messages from the Universe.


For a long time, I always felt that my plush animal cow was a familiar. It’s currently not viable for me to adopt a cat (although I took care of them while growing up). Mostly due to the heart ache that I’ve felt years ago when I lost my beloved childhood pet to cancer. My husband and I found Betsy during our local trip to the mall (which you can interact from the first episode of Moo Times of Betsy here). Recently, I encountered this post that lovingly explains that yes, it is possible to do so.

Most of my work involves healing, protection and boosting creativity. In a nutshell, I’m an arts, crafts and tech bruja. Additionally, I would channel the motherly and sassy energy from Betsy to the readings that I provide for my friends and family members. My husband jokes that Betsy has a mind of her own whenever we have her sitting on top of the other plush animal cows. On certain days, Betsy would tip over (even if she was sitting up perfectly). I recently got a palmistry pillow from Michael’s Craft Store for Betsy to prop herself up when we share the daily tarot card readings on the Instagram account.

The good news is that there’s no slowing down for Betsy as she’s eager to do more witchy work. Samhain will be here soon before you know it. Now, if only I can loom knit a witch’s hat for Betsy to wear…

Hope you’re having a magickal time, my friends. I’ll see you on my next post!