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As you can tell, I’m obsessed with cows. So, I created my original character, Betsy the Lotus Cow.

Betsy is based on my plush animal cow that I adopted back in 2010. The first episode of Moo Times of Betsy tells the origin story on how she was adopted. While Betsy is a plush animal toy, she’s considered to be my magickal familiar. Sometimes, she likes to do tarot readings, look at astrology charts and be in tune with the Universe. Betsy loves looking at the Moon. She also enjoys sweets, loom knitting, books and video games. Sometimes, you’ll catch her singing to her favorite music tunes. Her favorite genre is heavy metal.

Lotus Cow Comics is a collection of webcomics that I illustrate adventures of Betsy using Procreate and (sometimes) on traditional watercolors. While the webcomics are lighthearted, I don’t shy away from discussing about mental health, life updates, being introverted by nature, body positivity and spirituality.

When I’m not illustrating my comics, you can catch me posting my gaming videos here.

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