What Doesn’t Spark Joy (an update about the website)

Yes, I know the Marie Kondo reference is being overused but…this is the best way I can explain my decision on the direction of this blog.

TL;DR: I no longer have the social media, donation, comics page and merchandise page under @lotuscow. All of the posts will be shared at my original creative space @redlotusdesignz. 

Long Story ( be sure to have some popcorn 🍿):

For those who are aware – I started the blog and comics under the social media accounts @lotuscow around October 2018. Aside from posting the comics on the blog, I’ve also done so on the social media channels and LINE Webtoon. While it was great, I ended up feeling overwhelmed in updating the content on a separate account when it was meant to be part of my original design account under @redlotusdesignz.

The idea behind Lotus Cow Comics came from at the time when I developed the app Lotus Cow around 2012-2013 (on the iOS and Android platforms). Eventually, I ended up removing it from the store due to conflicts with the original coding. Around that time, I also had a comic series featuring Betsy the Cow (originally known as Moo Times of Betsy) prior to discontinuing the series as I felt discouraged with my art style.

A couple of years later, I revisited the idea and decided to give it a shot – only this time, with a focus on mental health, body positivity and being an introvert. What I love about posting on the blog is the ability to connect with others who are in the same boat as I am and being able to share my experiences.

Rest assured – the comics will remain on this website. Due to the rise of art theft via social media channels, I am keeping them on the WordPress platform as I currently have the plugin to disable right clicking on the image and text. Yes, I know the workaround from others would be to take a screenshot of the comics and reshare them without any credit. My only request is that if you do see the comics, please be sure to have them pointed back to this domain. It’s good karma (and common sense) 😊.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to follow me on my old accounts. My hope is that this change will be more accessible to those who want to continue reading my comics circling these topics. The blog posts will be shared on the new social media channels under @redlotusdesignz. Additionally, I encourage everyone to subscribe to the list where you’ll be notified via email whenever I post on the website.

Let’s keep continuing with the journey, together.


Happy Chinese New Year

Hey friends 👋 wishing everyone a wonderful Chinese New Year. Here’s my artwork featuring Betsy holding a hongbao 🧧 How are you celebrating this year? I will be on a vacation break until the 27th of February to make some changes on the website along with adding some specials features (hopefully).